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Indian Journal of Clinical Anaesthesia

Year-2021 | Volume: 8 | Issue 3

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Guest Editorial

Silent slow pandemic of antimicrobial resistance

Author : Anish Gupta, Bhavna Gupta*

Doi :   Page No : 354-355

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Comparison of two insertion techniques for I-Gel placement in paediatric patients: standard vs rotational methods

Author : Neeraj Kumar Tiwari, Milind Y Dharmamer, Sanil Mohan, Ajai Chandra, Rahul Yadav*, Pravin Mohan Rao

Doi :   Page No : 373-376

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Case Report

Neonatal Dhatura like poisoning - A premedication error in neonatal anesthesia

Author : Nirupama Tyagi*, S S Bisht, Anil Saini, Amita Tyagi, Anand Agarwal, Lalit Gupta

Doi :   Page No : 472-474

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