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Comparative study of thiopentone sodium, propofol, etomidate for anesthetic efficacy & effect on seizure duration in electroconvulsive therapy

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Author Details : Reema H Vansola*, Ramila H Jamliya, Divya D Toshaniwal, Milind J Mevada

Volume : 8, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 288-293

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Introduction: Electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) is an entrenched mental treatment where seizures are electrically actuated in patients for restorative impacts. ECT can deliver extreme unsettling influences in the cardiovascular framework most generally a transient time of hypertension & changes in the pulse and a stamped increment in cerebral blood stream and intracranial weight. These hemodynamics changes might be adjusted utilizing different sedative medications.
Aims & Objectives: This investigation was attempted to think about the impacts of propofol, etomidate and thiopentone sodium utilized as IV sedative operators in changed ECT as respects, acceptance time & nature of sedation, adjustment of hemodynamics, seizure length & recuperation time.
Materials & Methods: After authorization acquired from the moral board of trustees for the investigation, composed assent from the patient & family members was taken. This investigation was led in the division of anesthesiology at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, which remembered a sum of 90 patients for the 18-60 years age gathering.
Conclusion: In our current investigation, we inferred that each of the three instigating operators had sure more than each other when the examination boundaries were individualized. Propofol had the upside of stable hemodynamic boundaries, smooth enlistment & fast recuperation in contrast with etomidate & thiopentone. Nonetheless, it was related with more limited span of seizure. The benefit of thiopentone sodium of having longer seizure length than propofol of having longer seizure span was brought about at the expense of a generally delayed recuperation period. The clear bit of leeway of a more extended seizure
length with etomidate could be utilized for better clinical adequacy. Notwithstanding, it was related with myoclonic jerks during the cycle of acceptance. Further examinations ought to be planned to utilize a stage & mix of medications with the goal that the most ideal impacts of each medication can be sensibly utilized.

Keywords: Cardiovascular effects, Electro-convulsive therapy, Etomidate, Propofol, Sodium thiopentone.

How to cite : Vansola R H , Jamliya R H , Toshaniwal D D , Mevada M J , Comparative study of thiopentone sodium, propofol, etomidate for anesthetic efficacy & effect on seizure duration in electroconvulsive therapy. Indian J Clin Anaesth 2021;8(2):288-293

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